It's believed that in 2018, 34.2 million Americans were diagnosed with diabetes. We have now recognized this disease as the 7th leading cause of death in the United States. Since there is no cure yet, however, Dexter Pharmacy of Plano can help you manage and control symptoms.

Overall, treatment will often need the help of a healthcare team. This will include your primary care doctor or endocrinologist, your pharmacist, and a nutritionist/dietician. In short, a multifaceted plan can help decrease the impact of this disease, like diet, exercise, education, and medications.


Diabetes can be categorized into Type 1, where the body does not produce insulin, or Type 2, where the body is not able to use insulin effectively. In either case, not having access or being able to properly utilize insulin can allow for unstable and inconsistent levels of glucose (or sugar) in the blood.


Primarily, the main goal of treating diabetes is to control blood sugar levels into a normal range, while also limiting symptoms of disease and side effects of medication. Treatment can be usually based on what type you are experiencing, your most recent lab values, treatment goals discussed with your healthcare team, and symptoms too.


Warning signs for diabetes can be mild and go unnoticed, which is in fact why so many Americans go undiagnosed until complications arise. Signs for type 1 may arise surprisingly, while those for type 2 can have a gradual onset. Both types have some of the same warning signs:

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